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Game UI Sound Pack

In my humble opinion, this is the most powerful and essential library that every Game Devs must have in their tool box. As a sound designer who worked closely for years with Game Devs, i've realized that when it comes to attach a sound to a character, you need to find the best choice very fast, because searching for a perfect sound effect, sometimes can be a very tedious and time consuming task. So i made this compressed library, 182 sound effects carefully crafted to perfectly fit today's Games App. Up to 40 game level sfx, 62 motion/highlights sfx, 72 buttons/weapons/beams/and many more sfx. Take a Game UI Sound Pack for a ride, you'll enjoy how fast and easy will be to find the perfect sound for your game!

Ultimate Footsteps

This package gives you access instantaneously to the most essential high quality footsteps as WAV files, including different walking speeds and surfaces. From SNEAKERS and LEATHER SHOES to BOOTS, HIGH HEELS, and BAREFOOT across a variety of surfaces, like CONCRETE, MARBLE, GRAVEL, WOOD, METAL, SAND and even SNOW. This collection is a must-have for every game devs or game studio. The audio files were recorded at 24bit, 192k. With Ultimate Footsteps you can get from different walking speeds, to jogging, sprinting, jumping, hard stops, scuffs, loops and more. There are several performances with each file to fit the right action you need.

Hidden Places

Hidden Places is everything you need to build a world around your scenes, contains more than 1.35 Gb of eerie, doomful, dark, atmospheric field recordings, designed drones, backgrounds, and musical ambiences. Perfect for something in the realm of a Jason Harris games (senior narrative for Destiny 2), or just to set the mood of a foreboding sound scape. This bundle offers you a collection of abstract and surreal ambiences, ready to be used in your next production. Hidden Places is a dense ambiences library, think of games like “Doom Eternal”, “WarFrame” or “Dead Space”. But you will also get the right feel and idea for other sci-fi and unsettling industrial dark spaces. A symbiosis of organic original field-recordings like Room Tones, Construction Sites, Natural Caves, Motors and spectral granular synthesis. All sounds are royalty free.

Quantum Techno Mechanics

The beat track was made using entirely a circuit board monophonic synth. I've sampled a bunch of waveforms and extracting from them the wave table. This process allowed me to design the drums beat and most of the synth. The rest of the track are vocals samples and a FM synthesizer.

A History of the Earth

I asked myself if I had the chance to watch the entire history of the Earth, the fall of ancient species and the rise of the Human empire, how it should sound like? So I tried to answer this question in sound.


This track is part of un upcoming soundtrack libraries project focused on video games world. Stay tune!